Pine Marten – A Revised Position

Michael Gove plans grey squirrel cull to save trees:

“Grey squirrel control must be one of the conditions fulfilled by applicants wishing to apply for support under a new forestry funding programme announced by the government last week, according to charity, the European Squirrel Initiative (ESI)…”
Forestry funding wasted without grey squirrel control

‘That’s Cumbria TV’ – a new station on freeview channel 8:

Journalist Patrick Barkham writes in the Guardian:
The long read
‘Kill them, kill them, kill them’: the volunteer army plotting to wipe out Britain’s grey squirrels

Interesting documentary on the red squirrel and the part the grey squirrel plays in its continuing decline:

Major boost for Scotland’s red squirrels thanks to National Lottery funding (24th February 2017 )
The Scottish Wildlife Trust has been awarded a grant of £2.46 million from the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) for the Saving Scotland’s Red Squirrels – Developing Community Action project.

BBC Radio 2 Interview with Lord Heseltine

Lord & Lady Heseltine in their gardens at home in Thenford

(25th November 2016) Lord and Lady Heseltine speak on BBC Radio 2 Jeremy Vine show about their Thenford garden and arboretum in Oxfordshire housing a collection 3,500 trees. They have spent the last 40 years transforming it from a neglected wilderness to what it is today. Grey squirrel have been a huge problem for them and they took the opportunity of raising further public awareness of the extensive damage caused to the trees and songbird populations and their solution of controlled eradication of 400 squirrels in just 9 months. They are in support of encouraging more grey control (25th November 2016)

Strong public awareness of squirrel threat (9th November 2016)

(October 2016) Dr Craig Shuttleworth appeared on BBC Countryfile raising the public profile of the threat posed by grey squirrels. Speaking of the squirrel pox virus which is killing our indigenous red squirrel and the cost to the economy for damage to woodland he successfully communicated the message that more action was urgently needed. He was cautious however regarding the introduction of pine marten saying more research was needed into the effect they will have on other species in this complex ecosystem.

ESI Launches legacy campaign (October 2016)

Pine Marten – a position (7th September 2016)

Squirrel charity welcomes new invasive alien species legislation (4th August 2016)

New approach for grey squirrel control called for (26th May 2016)

ESI highlights the economic and environmental cost of grey squirrels (20th April 2016)

Grey squirrel numbers to increase (31st March 2016)

Forestry Commission challenged by leading conservation charity (11th November 2015)

New Chairman appointed for leading squirrel conservation charity (2nd September 2015) 

Leading conservation charity welcomes invasive alien species research (20th August 2015)

New EU IAS legislation introduced (August 2016)

Pine Martens – the solution? (16th July 2015)

New Red Squirrel Management Book (7th July 2015)

ESI holds a Pine Marten Symposium bringing together key figures opening the topic for debate (June 2016)

Grey Squirrel Numbers Increase According to Experts (23rd March 2015)

International Conference Draws Attention to Control of Invasive Alien Species (17th March 2015)

Drey poking advice (12th February 2015)

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