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ESI Welcomes EU news on Invasive Alien Species (2nd October 2014)

Squirrel Charity Welcomes Proposed Legislation (4th June 2014)

New Findings Give Hope to Red Squirrels (22nd May 2014)

Welcome for Invasive Species Parliamentary Report (16th April 2014)

ESI Welcomes Law Commission Proposals (18th February 2014)

Charity Welcomes Government Position on Grey Squirrels (13th January 2014)

Welcome – with reservation – for Government forestry report (13th July 2012)

International call for action on grey squirrels (21st May 2012)

Grey squirrel trapping advice leaflet published (5th March 2012)

Predation of woodland songbirds: grey squirrels have a case to answer (27th February 2012)

Wildlife Ark Campaign to save our squirrel (28th September 2011)

Red squirrels under threat (27th September 2011)

Grey Squirrels spread tree disease (13th September 2011)

New Chairman appointed for leading squirrel conservation charity (9th August 2011)

ESI launch new guide on controlling grey squirrels (6th July 2011)

Invasive grey squirrels highlight the need for tough EU legislation (6th June 2011)

Grey squirrel damage – £14 Million per annum (8th March 2011)

Strong public demand for grey squirrel control (7th February 2011)

Wildlife charity welcomes scientist’s call for legislation to prevent further alien invasion (17th September 2010)

RSPCA prosecution of gardener unnecessary and heavy handed say ESI (20th July 2010)

Scotland’s red squirrels are placed under further threat (21st June 2010)

European Squirrel Initiative welcomes new report on invasive alien species (26th January 2010)

Growing public demand for grey squirrel control (9th March 2009)

Squirrelpox spreads further in Scotland (23rd April 2008)

Support for grey squirrel control (16th April 2008)

Growing Public Demand for Grey Squirrel Control (6th March 2008)

Deadly pox virus outbreak discovered on Anglesey (28th February 2008)

Natural England Squirrel Policy Condemned (7th September 2007)

Squirrel Cam rivals Big Brother (26 June 2007)

Squirrelpox in Scotland – A Devastating Setback (14 May 2007)

Saving Wales’ Red Squirrels (7th March 2007)

Squirrel Charity Calls for Action in the North West (29th November 2006)

Squirrel Action Plan Welcomed by Leading Squirrel Charity (9th November 2006)

Blair Supports Squirrel Charity (2 August 2006)

ESI Welcomes Italian Decision (11 July 2006)

MP’s to Debate Red Squirrels (26 June 2006)

Blair Supports Reds (26 June 2006)

ESI Ireland Established (26 May 2006)

Grey squirrel poses threat to European biodiversity (23 May 2006

lo scoiattolo grigio rappresenta una minaccia per la biodiversità in europa (23 May 2006)

l’écureuil gris s’apprête à envahir la france (23 May 2006)

die invasion der grauhörnchen in die schweiz steht bevor (23 May 2006)


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